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Spending more money on advertising is not the answer

Less than 2% of your visitors are buying from you — that’s over 98% of paid traffic being wasted.

Over 80% of SMEs are not sure which marketing campaigns are bringing them in revenue and which are not.

Which means SMEs are wasting a lot of money on advertising which eats up your margins and makes it difficult for you to grow your online business.

The eCommerce Equation: 3 Metrics To Grow Your Online Business

Did you know there are only 3 variables you can improve to grow your online sales?

Visitors x Conversion Rate x Average Order Value = Revenue

This is your online business formula — and you can only improve your sales by improving one of the 3 metrics: Visitors, Conversion Rate or Average Order Value.

Most businesses only focus on increasing their visitors which can grow your online sales but nearly as much as the other 2 variables.

Let’s compare 2 businesses:

30,000 visitors / month x 1% x USD 100 = USD 30,000

Business A

30,000 visitors / month x 1.8% x USD 150 = USD 81,000

Business B

Both businesses get the exact number of visitors, business B gets more than double the sales with small improvement to their conversion rate and average order value.

Who is this for?

Just Starting

You have over 5,000 visitors per month


You have over 20,000 visitors per month


You have over 100,000 visitors per month

Before vs After WebMedic

  • You need to spend more money on ads to increase sales
  • You rely on discounts to increase your online sales which hurts your margins
  • You send everyone the same email marketing campaign with average results
  • You want to upgrade your online store but you don’t have reliable, affordable developers


  • We increase your online sales without more ads
  • We help you offer better rewards that don’t hurt your margins
  • We help you segment your customers and send personalized campaigns that get better results
  • We turn your ideas into reality super affordably, super fast


Hi, I am Faisal

I am the founder of WebMedic and I have been working on websites for over 10 years now.

For the past 4 years I have been helping eCommerce businesses grow online by improving their online stores based on data.

My vision is to help eCommerce businesses start and grow online without hiring a technical team.

So you could focus on building your brand and offering excellent products and services to your customers — we will focus on improving your online store.

Stop Wasting Time and Money.

Start Growing Online Today.