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We can help you increase your online sales if…

Beauty & Personal Care

You have a beauty & personal care brand

Online Store

You sell on your own online store
(WooCommerce or Shopify)

The Problem

Most online business focus on getting more new customers

You want to grow your online business, but focusing on new customers is slowing you down.

New customers cost a lot to acquire, spend less with you and have low profit margins.

Getting a new customer costs you 7x more than retaining one and they spend less with you.

Spending more money on advertising is not the answer

Advertising, content and influencers costs keep increasing.

You need a better, faster way to grow your online business.

Average Cost per Acquisition (CPA) increased by over 155% since May 2021 thanks to latest iOS privacy updates.

The Solution

Increase your online sales without more advertising.

Repeat customers spend more money with you, without spending money to acquire them.

Which means more repeat customers make you more money and higher profit margins.

5% more repeat customers can increase your revenue by 25-95%

New vs Repeat Customers

New Customers Repeat Customers
High profit margins
Spend more with you
Refer more friends
High profit margins
High profit margins
New Customers
Repeat Customers
Spend more with you
New Customers
Repeat Customers
Refer more friends
New Customers
Repeat Customers

How do you get more repeat customers?

Get more repeat customers using WebMedic

We specialise in helping beauty and personal care brands get more repeat customers.

By giving you easy to use tools and guidance, you can get results within 2 weeks.

And we guarantee results or you don’t pay.

Before WebMedic

Slow Growth

Low Margins

Losing Customers To Competitors

After WebMedic

Faster Growth

Higher Margins

Customers Keep Coming Back

Results from working with

Get more sales without more advertising in 2 weeks 

0 %


Over 94% increase in online sales
0 %

Kayman Beauty

Over 52% increase in online sales
0 %


Over 66% increase in online sales

How it works

Sign up today and start increasing your online sales
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Step 1: Connect

Connect your store

Sign up is super simple with just a few clicks.

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Step 2: Automate

Start automations

Use our best practices template to start your campaigns.

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Step 3: Profit

Get more Sales

You should see more sales within the next few days.

The Best Part?

You will keep getting more sales for as long as you are using WebMedic

Get more sales without more advertising in 2 weeks
or you don't pay

Stop wasting time and money
Start growing online today

Frequently Asked Questions

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Beauty and personal care brands have a unique value compared to other businesses.

Your customers need to buy your products on a regular basis.

Our app (WebMedic) helps you bring back your customers and that means we can add more value to you.

We know that if you are a beauty and personal care brand that is not actively increasing customer retention – we can for sure increase your online sales.

You can see results within the first 2 weeks, sometimes within the first few days!

And you only pay us if you are happy with the results.

WebMedic is easy to use and made specially for beauty and personal care brands.

And we guarantee results or you don’t pay.

Get more sales without more advertising in 2 weeks
or you don't pay

Stop wasting time and money
Start growing online today