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Who is this for?

Marketers and agencies that run paid ads for eCommerce brands.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for early adopters to join us.

What do you get in return?

You get a special “Founder” plan with a lifetime deal.

The Problem

You spend way too much time analysing ads

Every day you need to check on your campaigns and prepare reports.

Manually checking on ads is not scalable

How long are you or your team going to keep checking ads manually?

You need a better, faster way to manage your campaigns

What if you can spend less time, and get better results?

The Solution


We analyse your campaigns for you, and tell you exactly what you need to know.

It’s like having a smart data analysis robot working for you.

So you can make better decisions, without the manual work.

How does it work?

Set targets on WebMedic

Start by setting targets

Start by setting how much you (or you client) wants to make this year, and what is the advertising budget.

Marketing ROAS on WebMedic

Get a clear Marketing ROAS

Marketing ROAS (also known as Blended ROAS, MER) is a good metric to measure progress.


Which is: Total revenue divided by total ad spend.


For example, if you want to target $100k / month, with an ad budget of $10k / month – you want a Marketing ROAS of 10.

What is not working with your ads?

Know exactly what needs your attention

What isn’t working in your campaigns? where should you spend less?

What is working with your ads?

Know exactly what's working

What is working in your campaigns? where should you spend more?

Real time reports

Stay on track

Get real time reports to help you plan.

Make better decisions based on smart insights, to reach your target and more.

Technical support

On-demand quick technical support

Need help fixing a pixel? creating a landing page?


We got you covered with a team of web designers and developers with a quick turnaround.

Before vs After WebMedic

Situation Before WebMedic After WebMedic
Which campaign needs our attention now?
Manual check
What is (or isn't) working with the ad campaigns?
Manual check
Reporting on ads performance
We need to fix our pixel
Hire a developer
Done for you
We need a landing page
Hire a designer
Done for you

WebMedic vs Your Current Options

Ability Hiring In-House Using VAs WebMedic
Works 24/7
Time needed
Few hours per day
Few hours per day
Error free

Which channels do you integrate with?

Channel Status
Meta Ads (Facebook & Instagram)
TikTok Ads
Coming Soon
Google Ads
Coming Soon
Coming Soon

Are you interested?

We are looking for early adopters to join WebMedic

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