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eCommerce is unstoppable.

Anywhere you look around you today, we are depending more and more on the internet to get what we want.

Amazon can deliver anything, and for everything else there’s an app.
So if you are not selling online, someone else will be and slowly but surely you will start losing customers.

But hey, if it’s so simple — how come
everyone is not doing it?

Well it’s not so simple, the tools and skills required are complicated and so it can be very expensive for SMEs to sustain online.

Big companies can afford to have top developers, creative digital marketers and super smart data scientists.

They also have no problem spending millions on Artificial Intelligence software.

Most SMEs don’t have enough cashflow
to survive 3 months without revenue.

The bigger problem? You are not just competing with your next door neighbour anymore, not even state level in your country.

You are competing with the whole fucking world.

To give you an idea on the size of this problem, USA has been experiencing it since 2010.

Thousands of retailers have been shutting down since then because their competitors took their customers and they don’t have enough cashflow to survive — it’s called “The Retail Apocalypse”

You can either be okay with a
little bit of a large pie.

Until a competitor starts expanding into your market and your business dies. Or you can put on a fight to grow your online business with loyal, growing customers.

Now I know entrepreneurs and business owners, and they are always learning and working to get better. And so for sure you are going to put on a fight. In this fight though, you are going to need all the help you can get.

Not because you are weak — but because it’s a whole different world. You are undoubtedly good at your business, you understand how it works, you know your market and you can deliver on your high quality products and services.

Growing an eCommerce business needs
a whole different set of skills if you
want to stand a chance.

Because remember you are competing with the whole world.
That also means the whole world is available to anyone who can deliver what they want — and so the stakes
are super high. And in this world there is a lot of technical requirements like web development and data
analysis, skills most SMEs don’t usually have highly skilled team members in.

Which is why we built WebMedic — your eCommerce specialist,
providing you with straight to the point actionable guides, excellent
tools and access to top digital talent on demand.

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How does WebMedic help you grow your eCommerce business?

We do 1,000s hours of research and speaking with experts to bring you the best resources, tools and talent you need to start and grow. We believe in the power of knowledge, excellent tools and on-demand access to top talent.

Stop wasting time and money. Start growing online today.