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About Us


We Are a Web Optimization Company

WebMedic was created to provide a solution for established businesses who want more out of their website without having to hire an in-house team.

Our Story

While working with businesses on their online presence, we noticed a pattern where clients were frustrated with their websites.

We wanted to help our clients with their websites by offering a service dedicated to website optimization.

The knowledge and case studies of building, maintaining and improving websites is the foundation WebMedic is built upon.

In 2017, WebMedic earned MSC Status which is a recognition by the Government of Malaysia for world-class service and achievement in the digital world.

Our Philosophy

At WebMedic, we believe that websites are people too!

We believe every website:

  • Should be regularly updated.
  • Should be secure with regular backups.
  • Should be ever evolving through improvements based on research and analysis.

Because of that, we aim to provide each website with world-class care, exceptional service, and the compassion we would want for our loved ones.

Our Vision

❝ To provide care for the entire population of websites that call the world wide web home. ❞

From Zero to One
Join me on my journey to build WebMedic from Zero to One.

I am learning a lot and so will you.
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