About Us

About Us

Imagine what the perfect employee in your business would look like.

They are the first to arrive at work and stay late every night.

What if they also worked every weekend, every single day of the year?

This employee not only puts in the hours but also is an excellent communicator who can build solid relationships and impress potential clients with a deep understanding of your business.


Your business website has the potential to be this employee.

Your website can serve as your digital marketer, customer service agent, and sales person all in one!

So, how can you get the most out of your website?

The answer is website optimization services from a provider you can count on, one that recognizes the true value in your website.

At WebMedic, we view the websites we care for as people, and give them the personal treatment and care we would for our loved ones.

We understand that the better we treat them, the better they can represent your business to the world.

Our Story

WebMedic was created to provide a solution for established businesses who want more of their website than just a static brochure.

It started in 2014 with a boutique digital agency based in Malaysia called Websirs.

While working on Websirs we noticed a pattern where clients were having issues with their websites without a dedicated person to help them.

We worked successfully with them on a new service that focused on optimizing their websites.

The knowledge and case studies of building, maintaining and improving websites under Websirs is the foundation WebMedic is built upon.

Our Philosophy

At WebMedic, we believe that websites are people too!

We believe every website:

  • Should be regularly updated.
  • Should be secure with regular backups.
  • Should be ever evolving through improvements based on research and analysis.

Because of that, we aim to provide each website with world-class care, exceptional service, and the compassion we would want for our loved ones.

Our Vision

To provide care for the entire population of websites that call the world wide web home.

Our Services

Our web optimization services help you with:

  • Boosting conversions
  • Improving user retention
  • Better search engine ranking
  • Shielding your site from attackers
  • Ongoing technical consultation

Like people, websites have their own unique needs and problems - which is why our optimization starts by monitoring, testing and analyzing your website for optimal results.

Let us take care of your number one employee today.

About the founder

Hi, I am Faisal, the founder of WebMedic.

Passionate about digital with years of experience working in web development and obsessed with making incremental improvements in everything I do.

Having founded a digital agency and worked on projects in diverse industries, I am skilled in the process of developing, customizing and upgrading online systems and applications.

As such, my expertise and knowledge provide the foundation on which online business strategies are implemented.