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About Us

We Are a Web Optimization Company

WebMedic is here to provide a solution for established businesses who want more out of their website without the hassle of hiring or managing people

Everyone can build a website

You can choose from a long list of people and agencies that offer websites. You are then left with a “complete website” up and running with no clear goals, analysis or regular updates.

Websites are left to die

You are getting monthly visitors but you don’t know how many are they or what are they doing on your website.

You want to improve your website

You hear about the $1.95 trillion being spent online and you know your website can do better. You try to talk to the freelancer or agency that built the website but they take forever and you are not seeing results.

Found a problem and built the solution

This is the problem I saw businesses face in Malaysia, they have great products and services but they are not seeing results from their website so I packaged a solution and offered it to businesses.

Worked with a Mansion

One of our first clients is an iconic boutique heritage hotel in Penang, Malaysia. While working with them we saw improvements in online sales and newsletter subscriptions.

Recognized by the Government of Malaysia

In 2017 WebMedic earned MSC Status as a recognition by the Government of Malaysia for world-class service and achievement in the digital sector.

Your Web Specialist

Today, we specialize in improving websites to help businesses turn more of their visitors into customers without additional advertising.

Our Philosophy

At WebMedic, we believe that websites are people too!

We believe every website:

  • Should be regularly updated.
  • Should be secure with regular backups.
  • Should be ever evolving through improvements based on research and analysis.

Because of that, we aim to provide each website with world-class care, exceptional service, and the compassion we would want for our loved ones.

Our Vision

❝ To provide care for the entire population of websites that call the world wide web home. ❞

About The Founder

Building websites since 2007

I started building websites in 2007 by learning how to program a Content Management System using a programming language called PHP.

Why don’t you go outside?!

My family didn’t understand how or why would I spend most my time behind a screen, they wanted me to go outside IRL (In Real Life) but I wanted to program.

On a mission to build a better web

In 2014, I founded a digital agency in Malaysia called Websirs, helping businesses improve their online presence; the experience, knowledge and insights from Websirs are the core of WebMedic today.

Join me on this journey

Do you want to see where is WebMedic headed? I am documenting the journey of building WebMedic from Zero to One. Click here to read the first post.

Hi, I am Faisal Hourani, founder of WebMedic

I want to help you reach your website goals, you can reach me by email at [email protected] or click here to chat over WhatsApp.

You can follow me on Quora where I talk about entrepreneurship, e-commerce and online marketing.

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