You want to grow your beauty and personal care brand.

You are spending time and money to get new customers.

Advertising, creative, refunds and returns, customer support, fulfilment, payment gateway and marketplace commissions.

The bigger problem?

Your customers only come to buy from you once and they rarely come back to buy again.

Which means shrinking profit margins and super slow growth.

The solution is to have a customer retention strategy to get more repeat customers.

It’s difficult to imagine the value of customer retention so here is a graph to help you understand it:

Comparing 2 businesses revenues based on their customer retention rate

Here we can see 2 businesses:

  • Red line is a business that retains 5% of their customers
    • Out of 100 new customers, only 5 of them buy again
  • Blue line is a business that retains 10% of their customers

That doesn’t look like a lot more… but look at the difference in revenue over time.

Over the next 5 years, the 10% customer retention business will generate 1,400% more revenue.

That’s right: 1,400% more revenue.

Getting more repeat customers helps you grow faster and make more money, and that is the ultimate growth strategy.

So how can you get more repeat customers?

WebMedic is the easier & faster way to get more repeat customers.

Our goal is helping you have more freedom and more time doing the things you love to do.

And we do that by using marketing automation which works for you 24/7 to give you more repeat customers.

Learn more on the difference between regular email marketing and email marketing automation.

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