WebMedic helps your e-commerce business convert website visitors into customers without spending more on advertising.

Let’s look at an example, say you have an e-commerce store selling clothes online.

You worked hard to grow an online presence on social media and people are buying from you.

You want to grow your online sales by launching a website where your customers can browse and buy from you easily.

This is how your website sales funnel might look like:

  1. Your website has monthly visitors (ex: 10,000)
  2. 40% of the visitors leave without interacting with your website, this is called your bounce rate (we are left with 6,000 visitors)
  3. Out of the 6,000 visitors, 1,000 of them end up on your buy page or shopping cart
  4. Out of the 1,000 visitors on the buy page, 200 ends up buying (we have 200 sales per month)

From this example we have:

  • Monthly visitors of 10,000
  • Bounce rate of 40%
  • Monthly sales of 200
  • Conversion rate of 2% (2 out of 100 visitors buy)

Now if we ask the question, how can we make more sales?

The first answer that may come to mind is increase your monthly visitors.

If you have 20,000 visitors, you will get around 400 sales.

The problem with that approach?

Increasing the number of visitors require more advertising or off-site work that incur additional costs with the same return on investment (2% conversion rate)

What is a better approach?

The smarter approach would be to find out why out of 100 visitors only 2 ends up buying – or in other words, increase your conversion rate.

For example: can we improve the website quality? do we have the right content to support sales? what are the problems visitors face when checking out?

The problem with this approach?

Your company will need to either:

  • Learn the practice and do it yourself (you have enough things to worry about)
  • Hire an in-house team (expensive in $ and time to manage)
  • Work with a digital agency (expensive and they are usually not focused on helping you with your website)
  • Work with freelancers (only the technical and lucky few have good experiences with freelancers)

This is where WebMedic comes in.

How does WebMedic help increase my conversion rate?

We do this over 4 stages:

  1. Building a strong foundation on your website
  2. Monitoring your website visitors behaviour
  3. Run tests and experiments
  4. Improve based on test results

The strong foundation enables us to reduce bounce rates and give your visitors the best experience possible with what you already have.

We then analyse your website visitors behaviour to see what can be improved based on their feedback.

Using the data collected we then run tests which involves creating new content such as images and text to improve your visitors experience and in return improve your sales.

We then repeat the cycle and monitor visitors behaviour again for ongoing improvements.

Your feedback, questions and comments are highly appreciated.

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