I saw a problem, packaged a solution that was validated by paying clients and improved on it based on their feedback.

Instead of developing an entire application, website and other material as I would usually do; this time I went in straight to the clients to validate my idea.

I was working on a digital agency helping clients with development and online marketing.

The issue for my clients at the time was that they didn’t have a dedicated team or person to help with their website.

What happens usually is they would outsource the work to the agency or freelancer that built the website or even worse, leave it unmaintained.

So they would ask me every now and then for small changes and help with their website and they would pay for those individual tasks.

I asked my clients if they would prefer to pay a subscription fee to cover their website management.

They said they were interested.

After more research on the problems and current solutions, I put together a new service called Care Package.

Care Package started as a service offering website management and maintenance services to my clients, the goal was to help them focus on their business while I take care of their websites.

Care Package – The Beginning of WebMedic

After offering the service I saw good results with happy clients.

It was clear back then that I had to offer Care Package to the public but it had to be under it’s own brand to avoid confusion — WebMedic was born.

Today WebMedic is helping businesses convert website visitors into customers without spending more on advertising.

Do you want to be involved?

Awesome, I am always looking for more people to collaborate with:

  • Dreamers and doers who want to make a dent in the universe
  • Strategic partnerships with people and businesses in relevant industries
  • Creative problem solvers in development, design, copywriting and online marketing

You can reach me on [email protected]

Your questions, feedback and comments are appreciated.

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