Building a company is tough.

Although WebMedic was founded in 2016, making it a little over 2 years old as of today; I feel I really started working on it around November of 2017.

What was I doing the past 2 years?

With a couple of paying clients and a lot of plans of the future of WebMedic, I thought I was making progress.

Excel sheets, mindmaps and many notebooks of ideas and plans of what WebMedic will do and how will it do it.

So to me it looked like I was making progress when in business terms, WebMedic was barely moving forward.

In 2 words what I was doing is called action fakes.

What are action fakes?

It’s the things you do to make you feel like you are progressing but in reality you are not.

Example of action fakes:

  • Planning to enter new markets (when you are just getting started)
  • Optimizing your processes (when you don’t need it, unless your current system is clogged with requests, what are you optimizing for?)
  • Carefully thinking of the messages you are going to send in the user journey (when you don’t have a single user)
  • Planning your social media content (unless it’s your core business)
  • Planning your blog posts (unless it’s your core business)

So what should you be doing in the early stage of your startup?

It’s very simple and I am sure a lot of us already know that answer to this: you need customers/users.

Then why don’t the majority of startups go after customers more often?

In my case it’s because I didn’t know how.

I felt uncomfortable (and scared) of doing sales; so I was doing everything else but sales, hoping maybe something good will happen to me.

That’s another problem: hoping something good will happen to you.

Not that the world is a dark place but good things usually don’t just happen to you and especially in business — you need to go and get them.

At first it was a mentor that brought the problem up after spending some time with me.

He told me that he can see that I am not hungry enough, that it didn’t really matter to me if we got the sale or not.

That gave me the initial push to want to make more sales and I started working towards getting more customers.

Later on around December 2017 I stumbled on an entrepreneur by the name of Patrick Bet-David, you might recognize him from his viral video: Life of an Entrepreneur in 90 seconds.

The video is nice motivation but if you want the real motivation, it’s on his Valuetainment YouTube channel where he talks about entrepreneurship.

The difference between him and other people who want to help entrepreneurs online is that Patrick gives actionable advice and he keeps things real by talking from his own experience and the mistakes he has done.

Watching his videos ignited a fire in me that made me become shameless when it comes to following up and making sure we get a sale.

Today WebMedic has earned over 10 new customers in the past 4 months

That’s more than the customers we had for the past 2 years, in only the first quarter of 2018.

Which brings a new set of challenges that I am going to talk about more in other posts.

If this post sounds familiar to your situation then my advice to you is to stop thinking and start doing.

All the best!

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