Today it’s super easy to start a new online business, you can go from idea to store selling worldwide within 24 hours.

Because it’s so easy to get started, we now have new problems to deal with.

There is a lot of noise everywhere we look, social media ads, YouTube ads, Google ads in your search, in your email and ads that follow you everywhere you go online.

Which means even if you sell a unique product or service, it’s still difficult to stand out because everyone is competing on your customers attention and wallet.

And the problem is only getting worse — there will only be more and more online stores to compete with you.

Not only do you have more competitors online but also your customer acquisition costs will increase.

What can you do to stand out from the crowd?

Treat your website visitors as people instead of just numbers.

This is how most online stores view their visitors.

It’s important to know your visitors numbers, but that won’t tell you what’s really important about them. Which is who are they? What do they like / don’t like?

How can you better understand your visitors to serve them better?

People have objections, when they visit on your online store they are for sure thinking about these objections.

And if you don’t answer their objections, they are going to go and find somewhere else to get what they want.

How can you understand your visitors objections? Ask them!

Here is an example from Colgate, even as a huge business — they are still asking their visitors to better understand them.

They are using (free tool) to show this survey to their website visitors.

People have questions — and they want answers quickly.

You for sure experienced this, you are looking at something and you want to know more about it.

Does it come in a different color that you want? Or maybe you want to know about a specific feature?

No matter what, we have all been there and nobody wants to go to a contact form, fill it and wait 24 hours for a response.

The solution is simple, you could offer live chat support (we recommend for free live chat support)

Free live chat using

It’s easy to ask for objections and offer a live chat support option on your online, what you do about it is what matters.

You need to be actively improving your online store based on customer objections and questions.

We covered the biggest challenge eCommerce sellers face, which is the overpopulation that leads to losing customers and making it even more expensive to acquire new ones.

The solution to this starts by better understanding your customers — what are their objections? What do they like/don’t like about your online store, products and service?

And of course being available to them whenever possible because when they have a question they want to quickly know the answer.

Most importantly after you collect this information you need to take action on it by improving your online store.

Faisal Hourani is the founder of WebMedic. Driven by curiosity and passion to solve problems, today he is focusing on building better solutions for eCommerce businesses. Living in Malaysia and happy to connect with you on LinkedIn, Instagram or Twitter.