Success in life = the people you meet + what you do together

I first read that quote in a book (Never Eat Alone) back in 2014 but I only started to really see it in 2018.

So who are the people that help make WebMedic a success?

First my parents, if it wasn’t for their endless support I wouldn’t be able to do what I am doing today.

Since a young age my parents always provided us with books, the best education we can afford and the unconditional love that makes you feel invincible — thank you Mom and Dad!

Second would be our early customers who believe in WebMedic (some before we are WebMedic), their understanding on the issues we faced and allowing me to work on their websites made it possible to realize our potential and grow the business.

Thank you Shawn Low, Shen Loh-Lim, Louis Lee, Marvin Yong, Vyonne Lim, Brent Kocal, PX Liew, Kenny Aw, Samantha Mah, Pang Wee Tak and Zayan Yassin.

And third would be the friends and team members, if it wasn’t for their support we wouldn’t have been able to grow.

Notable people that helped WebMedic:

Adam Hirsch who helped re-ignite my passion while working for him at The Nest co-working space, if it wasn’t for his guidance and the experience at The Nest; I would most probably be working for some company with my Masters degree, and fuck that. #KEEPTHEFIRE

James Miles-Lambert who taught me that I am in the business of understanding other businesses and helped guide my first proper website proposal starting with drawing it on paper, which I still do to this day. Thank you!

Tinashe ‘Nash’ Chikanda arguably the most visible addition to WebMedic is Tinashe’s, before Tinashe: Webmedic, after Tinashe: WebMedic. ’nuff said.

Andrew Guan with his diverse talents and knowledge in the web, he helped in the planning and putting together our Care Package proposal (the service WebMedic was built on).

Jesper Ryynanen who is truly a walking encyclopedia, there are no questions he doesn’t have the answer for. He helped by giving feedback on the Care Package proposal and referred one of the best early customers who would want our service.

Stephanie Wijaya AKA the godmother of the cats. She let me (and my cats) stay in her apartment when I had no place to stay, helped in the planning of our Care Package proposal and referred one of the best early customers who would want our service.

Lisa Tsjin and Carol Yaw are two of the kindest hearts whom without their guidance, support and good company WebMedic journey would be tougher than ever.

Noel Ninal is easily one of best designers out there, he not only has an eye for good design, he also has an understanding of User Interface and User Experience that makes his designs not only beautiful but functional.

Genesis Aquino is WebMedic’s first team member that is helping us with something I was afraid and unsure of getting help with — project and account management.

He has proven to be a great team member by not only making sure our projects are done on time but also by recruiting some of our best talent.

And of course we wouldn’t be able to deliver results to our clients without our talented team of developers:

Frank Canlas, Catherine Maglalang, Rheejee Polbo, Lucky Dinawanao, Lovely Hernandez and Gil Concepcion Jr — thank you for your continuous support!

And what kind of results would we deliver if it wasn’t quality tested under different conditions and made sure all the little details are taken care of, thank you Zcion Aquino!

We are always looking for more talented freelancers to work with, we are in the middle of interviewing many more to join — if you are interested, get in touch with me on [email protected]

Looking forward to accomplish more together!

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