Your beauty and personal care business has products that people would need to buy again, for example a skincare solution.

And we all know the feeling of finding out we almost ran out of something we need, like a toothpaste or a facial cream.

So why don’t customers buy it regularly or before it runs out? we simply forget!

Refill campaign is sent to remind your customers that their products are about to finish and they can buy it now to get it in time so they can keep getting the great value you are offering.

How does a refill campaign work?

  1. Select the products you want to send refill campaigns for
  2. Identify which customers bought it recently
  3. Send them a series of emails to remind them
  4. Measure the results

How do you measure the success of a refill campaign?

The success of a refill campaign is measured by how many customers come back and buy the products you are reminding them about again.

Do you need to give discounts?

You don’t need to give discounts in a refill campaign because you are reminding customers to come back and buy something they are already actively buying — and they want to continue buying it.

Which makes refill campaigns one of the most effective campaigns in terms of margins.

Do we need to manually add the customers and email them?

Depends on which tools you use, you might have to do this manually… but that’s not the best way to do it.

You don’t have time to find out which customers bought the products you want to remind people about, tag or expert them and then send them emails… and repeat every day.

Which is why WebMedic does all of this for you and more in simple steps:

  1. Connect your online store with one click
  2. Follow our best practices template
  3. Launch your campaign

Our clients see results within a few days of launching their campaign, and then they continue to see new sales every month — without having to think about this campaign again.

Helping you grow your online business and giving you freedom is what WebMedic stands for, and we are so confident you will love it, we guarantee results, which means you only pay if you are happy.

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