Most beauty and personal care brands focus their marketing on getting new customers… and that is slowing you down.

The problem with new customers is they cost you a lot to acquire (ads, content, support, fulfilment, etc…) and they don’t spend much with you.

Which means they have low profit margins, and you can’t build a business on low margins.

You need to get more repeat customers to grow faster.

Repeat customers spend more with you, cost you almost nothing to bring back and refer their friends.

Which means you have higher profit margins and you can grow faster.

It’s difficult to imagine the value of repeat customers, so here is a graph to help you:

Comparing 2 businesses revenues based on their customer retention

Here we can see 2 businesses, the red line is a business that retains 5% of their customers.

Which means out of 100 new customers, only 5 of them come back to buy again.

And in the blue line a business that retains 10% of their customers.

That doesn’t look like a lot more… but look at the difference in revenue over time.

Over the next 5 years, the 10% customer retention business will generate 1,400% more revenue.

That’s right: 1,400% more revenue.

Getting more repeat customers is the ultimate growth strategy for successful eCommerce businesses.

How do you get more repeat customers?

Here are 5 proven marketing strategies to get more repeat customers for your beauty and personal care brand:

1. Recommend relevant products, at the right time

Your customers are probably not sure what to buy next, they tried one of your skincare solutions and happy with it but don’t know if there is something else they can get to help them more.

They would like to get a personalised recommendation based on their purchases.

2. The Soft Subscription

Most people don’t want to commit to paying you every month like they pay for Netflix for example.

So here you have the soft subscription, where you want to keep customers paying you as if they are subscribed to you when they are not.

How do you do that?

Relevant reminders, at the right time.

Let’s say your customer usually finishes their skincare product every 33 days.

You email them around the 28 days mark, and again on the 30th day mark to remind them to buy again.

How do you know when to email them? analyse your data to figure out the best times (or use WebMedic and we will do it for you)

3. Celebrate their anniversary with you

People love a reason to spend, give them a new good reason – their anniversary with you.

Let’s say Jane bought from you for first time on 1st of January 2018, every 1st of January send her an email thanking her for her loyalty with a small gift of appreciation.

She will be happy to receive the small gift from you and come back to buy again.

4. Give and get

Your customers have friends.

Their friends are most likely very similar to them, and what do they have in common? a need for your product.

Ask your customers to refer their friends and give them and their friends something in return.

5. The Reactivation

People might forget about you and stop buying from you, it’s okay because you can always remind them.

Send emails to customers that stopped buying from you and help them by reminding them of how your products add value to their life.

Btw WebMedic does everything here and more for you, so you can start using these strategies quickly and easily.

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