You are busy, but you want to start a product recommendation campaign now because you know how valuable it can be to your business.

We got you covered with a x list of 4 effective campaign examples you can use today for your next campaign.


IPSY offers personalised monthly subscription makeup and beauty products delivered to your doorstep.

They know how to do a simple, yet effective recommendation campaign:

  • Email sent just before their next order is sent out
  • “Starting price at $3”, who doesn’t want to spend less and get more?
  • FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) with a little “TODAY ONLY!”
  • Remind the customer that if they buy now, they will get these products in their next order without having to pay more for shipping or wait any longer
IPSY Product Recommendation Campaign

2. Tarte

Tarte offers natural cosmetics that don’t hurt your skin when you use it.

Here is what they are doing right:

  • Beautiful visuals with a nice message
  • Re-assure the customer they made the right choice with what they recently bought
  • Personalised suggestions based on what they bought
  • Link to categories to shop other products
  • Reminder on the value proposition (free shipping, free returns, free samples)
Tarte Product Recommendation Campaign

3. Dollar Shave Club

Everyone saw the Dollar Shave Club video, if you haven’t then stop what you are doing and watch it here.

Now let’s review their product recommendation campaign here.

  • Starting with a catchy headline about the problem they solve: sunburns
  • Get straight to the point after that with a list of products that solve this problem
  • Add a couple of customer reviews in a funny way
Dollar Shave Club Product Recommendation Campaign

4. Moon Juice

Moon Juice offers supplements and skincare to help you relieve stress and enjoy life more.

And they have a couple of important things to teach us in their product recommendation campaign:

  • Open with the “faves”, straight to the point these are the best products
  • Every product recommended comes with a nice review along with it

That’s all we have for you today on product recommendation campaign examples for your beauty and personal care brand.

Did you find the inspiration you were looking for? did you learn something new?

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