When you want to increase your conversion rate, you want to look at your visitors behaviour

You want to study metrics like:

  • Bounce Rate
  • Drop Off Rate
  • Average Time Per Page

And you might already doing this, what you might not be doing is looking deeper into your metrics.

For example if we look at our bounce rate and find out it’s 43% we might feel that’s acceptable and move on to other metrics…

The devil is in the detail of your bounce rate, let’s look at it by device segments for example:

  • Mobile bounce rate: 60%
  • Tablet bounce rate: 40%
  • Desktop bounce rate: 30%

We can now see clearly something is wrong with mobile device, why are the majority dropping off?

Can we dig deeper and find out if it’s specific devices that are causing the issues? maybe they happen on specific pages more than others?

Examining the details instead of the averages is your best technique to uncover your conversion problems.

All the best!

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