Nowadays it’s easier than ever to create advertisements and launch campaigns that gets you more visitors on your website.

You can launch an advertising campaign from your mobile phone on the go and start seeing visitors in an hour.

Your visitors will arrive on your website and have very little attention span or patience to understand what you are selling and whether they want to buy or not.

People have many options and it’s easy to find alternative to what you offer.

According to research by KISSMetrics, every 1 second delay on your website you lose around 7% conversion (What is conversion rate?).

That means if your store makes $100,000 per day, one second delay will cost you $2.5 million dollars per year!

How fast do your visitors expect your website to load?

47% of people say they expect the page to load in 2 seconds or less!

How fast does your website load? You can test it using tools like Pingdom.

Then you have over 9,000 more factors like your buttons, text, images, layout, missing information and so on…

So what’s the top challenge online stores face when it comes to digital marketing?

The top challenge online stores face is turning visitors into customers.

What can you do about it?

  • Understand your customers
  • Keep your website up to standards
  • Optimize your website to your visitors

What does that all mean?

#1 Understand your customers:

You need to be able to know what do your customers really want from your products or services? what exactly is the problem you are solving for them? and what are their objections?

That doesn’t mean you make assumptions based on your research; you should be proactively talking to customers and prospective customers and hear out what they have to say.

You will be surprised to know that what you think you are offering your customers and what your customers actually feel they are receiving from you or what they actually want are different.

#2 Keep your website up to standards

Your website visitors are visiting you from all kinds of different backgrounds, tech savviness, devices, internet speeds and locations.

Do you know how your website visitors are experiencing your website? what issues are they facing from slow connections or mobile devices?

40% of people say they will abandon a page that takes more than 3 seconds to load! This is called your bounce rate.

That may sound unfair to you but the world is moving very fast now and if you are not going to provide your service on-demand, there are others who will and your visitors will be going there.

Does your website work on mobile devices? 80% of internet users are on their mobile phones, you are probably reading this post from your mobile device now.

Do you have SSL (HTTPS) on your website? 84% of website visitors said they will abandon a purchase if knew the data was going to be sent over an insecure connection.

#3 Optimize your website to your visitors

Only your customers can tell you what works for them and what doesn’t, so how do we find out what they want from your website?

We run tests and experiments that will show different set of visitors a different version of the website and see which one performs better by letting the customers decide.

Your customers might not be able to find your buy button properly or the images are too small to see the quality of your products.

They might have objections in their head like:

  • Do you deliver to my country?
  • Do I have to pay for delivery fees?
  • What happens if my order is not the right size?
  • What are my options to pay?

You might be thinking that if they have questions they can always look around the website or contact me using the form — wrong!

Your visitors will find it much easier to simply close the tab and look for other websites that already answer their objections in a clear manner.

What do you think of what we shared here today? comment below or get in touch for more information.

All the best!

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