Out of 100 e-commerce website visitors, around 98 leave without buying.

Why does that happen? there are a lot of reasons, I want to talk about few that we often see with e-commerce stores.

#1. Too many distractions

Your website has a lot of things going on and unless I need to buy what I want to buy, you are going to lose me.

#2. Not enough information

I want to buy what you are offering but I am not sure about somethings and I am too lazy to have to chat or email you.

Unless it’s something I must get; if my questions are not answered on the spot, you are going to lose me.

#3. Unexpected costs

I see what I want costs $10 and then when checking out suddenly shipping costs are there, and I have to choose between Express and Normal and Normal doesn’t have tracking options might take 10–15 days so of course I want Express but it costs more than the item itself so you are going to lose me.

All the best!

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